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Gokul and Me

I am a housewife, aged 40, with very good sexual desires. My husband being abroad, I use to read erotic stories or few porn clips on internet and masturbate daily. This is a real incident and continuing form the past two years. All names changed. It’s 9 ‘O’ clock in the morning. 3 hours of domestic works ended. I felt relaxed. It is a holiday for my son, a student; holiday for the college only.
His private tuition starts at 9 in the morning and will be over by 1 in the afternoon. He just pedaled his cycle to his tuition master. I relaxed under the fan for a few minutes. The next few hours will be mine exclusively; to plan the evening menu, to think about my husband abroad who is with me a month every year and my dear visitor, a close friend nearby and classmate of my son who uses to visit me on these holidays. I prepared myself for my young visitor, Gokul. Gokul, a timid boy of 18, a frequent visitor of my house, is dear to me like my son Renjit. Recently I noticed a change in his attitude, who comes just after Renjit has gone out for tuition, enquiring him. Secretly I noticed that his eyes are curiously exploring my body, certainly an adolescence change. Even though I am aware of his arrival through the open front door (kept opened for him), he used to watch me in the kitchen from behind. After some time, watching my movements from behind, he announces his arrival by enquiring “Auntie, Renjit here?” in his sweet voice knowing that my son has gone for tuition. He tastes my cooking, help me cleaning the plates and chat with me for some time about his college and everything under the sun innocently. As he can see very well Renjit cycling out for tuition from his home opposite to ours, his usual arrival after Renjit going out made me more inquisitive. I placed the rear view mirror of a car on the kitchen slab invisible to him, helped me to watch every movement of him. The thought that an adolescent boy masturbating, thinking about my body curves really thrilled me. For the next many days my routine late night masturbation session was around him. One day I purposely removed my undergarments after Renjit went out, wearing a comparatively revealing dhothi and a white blouse only. I examined myself before the mirror to ensure that my body is sufficiently visible through the dress. That day I could notice his embarrassment from the kitchen mirror. His arrival announcement was very much delayed. His linen casuals really failed to hide the violent movements on his waist. I pretended nothing unusual but he could not withdraw his eyes from my body while tasting my food or helping cleaning. I wonderfully noticed that the bulge on his waist never receded till he left after one and a half hours with me. I really got wet and was afraid to sit on a chair which may reveal through the single dhothi I had worn. My blouse failed to conceal the erection of the nipples. Even though I never used to masturbate in day time, that day after his going out I masturbated with a large carrot, thinking about the small (?) erection Gokul had. That day I had several violent orgasms. Next Sunday I was more prepared. I was sure that the ice may melt on any day. Immediately after Renjit left I washed my pussy, buttocks and boobs with fragrant soap (a learner should not be disheartened with the natural smells) and wore a polyester dhothi of my husband and a voile blouse and ensured that nothing was left for imagination and eagerly waited for Gokul. I idled by the kitchen slab, watching the mirror on the pretext of cooking some side dishes. Unusually, I heard the sound of locking the front door and the mirror showed the face of Gokul, awe-struck. I purposely moved by the kitchen slab, profusely moving my buttocks. I bent several times picking a spoon or something from the floor, purposely dropped. After a long time his stammering voice announced his arrival. I turned to him. Ignoring his embarrassed eyes I said, “Today I cooked some special dishes. You want to taste?” “Yeah”, he said in low voice and stretched his right palm. I took a spoonful and looked at his palm. “You have not washed your hands, it it?” I held his palm and rubbed on my breast as it to clean the dirt on my blouse. I could see the thunder on his waist. He tasted it and looked at me appreciating. Then I took another spoonful from another plate, cleaned his palm on my breast and served. Next time no guidance was required and he rubbed his palm on both of my breasts for longer. Vibration on his waist was stronger. After finishing all the dishes, he said innocently, “It is very nice to touch your breasts, Auntie.” “You know why? You were not sufficiently fed with breast milk while you were a kid.” Then looking at his blushing eyes I asked, “You want to drink my breast milk?” Pointing his head downwards, he nodded his head gently. “Then come. But first you lock the front door. Otherwise Renjit may come and see you suck my breast and will be jealous.” “I have already closed it Auntie” he said. I sat on one end of the sofa and asked him to lie on my lap and suck like a baby. I unbuttoned my blouse and the hardened breasts rushed out like a cascade. Holding his both hands and putting on one breast I said, “Hold it and suck.” He gently pressed it and sucked. Gradually both his hands were squeezing my breast and his little lips sucking the erect nipple. I unbuttoned his shirt and massaged from his neck to under-stomach. “While feeding kids, the stomach should be massaged. Otherwise the milk won’t digest.” I said. After some time I put his hand on the other breast and he continued. My massaging went lower and lower. I unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zip and I could see his drawer was struggling to stand a burst. Now my two fingers stretched the elastic of his drawer and his 5” erection jumped out. My massaged now reached up to his dick and stayed there. My expert hands fondled his balls and wanked his dick. His hands squeezed my breasts more strongly. I increased the speed of my hand on his dick. He looked at my eyes and said in a low apologetic voice, “It’s really nice Auntie. Will you please do it more speedily?” “No dear. It should be done slowly.” I reduced the speed tantalizingly. His look was desperate. “You do it daily, No?” With much reluctance he nodded. “What will you imagine while doing this?” “About Lathika, my Maths teacher.” “About what?” “One of my seniors said something nasty about her. I use to imagine that.” “What nasty?” “One day the senior found me alone in the college urinal. He asked me to stay there. Then he took his erect dick out and began to wank. He said our Lathika teacher is a grand commodity. While taking class, sitting on the edge of the table, he will go and squeeze both her plump boobs, raise her sari to the waist and pierce her cunt with his rod, squeezing her buttocks. On completing his narration, a thick white fluid drizzled out of his dick. After some more strokes, it became limp and he went away.” “Have you ever touched a boob before?” “No.” “Have you ever seen a cunt?” “No” “Will you come?” “No..” “You want to see a cunt?” Blushing he looked downward and nodded. I parted the front of my dhothi and spread my legs. His amusing eyes saw the hairy cunt of mature woman for the first time. I could not hold long. I was already wet and I wanted it to be fired immediately. I opened the cunt lips and asked him to have a close look. I put his trembling hand on it. I showed how to rub the clit with his fore finger. I made him fondle every inch of the inner labia. I dipped his middle finger inside my wet cunt and showed how to move in and out. He was mesmerized. Reluctantly he asked, “Auntie, shall I kiss there?” I became stunned. How he read my wishes? “Yeah, you do it.” Spreading my legs wide, I opened my cunt lips and put his head there. I showed him my erect clit and asked him to rub it with his tongue and then suck it with his lips. He learnt everything very quickly. His tongue darted through my inner labia and stuffed my cunt hole. I was in heaven. I came several times. Then I stroked his vibrating dick gently and said, “Now you put him in the right place.” He needed no more guidance. Parting the lips he put his dick in the right place. “You do what you have done Lathika in your dreams.” Pumping hardly, sucking both my boobs, squeezing both my plump ass, he continued. I did not know how long or how many times I came before he fell on me.


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