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Uma Aunty

Experience with Uma Aunty let me give u the picture of her anotomy, she was my Friends Mom & her home is in next street of mine.
She was around 42, about 16 yrs elder to me. 5’ tall but she is very Skinny with very Huge Boobs & Butt. She is fair in colour with a Fleshey body. And now let me share with u wonderful people the most exciting day of my life. It was a Wednesday day morning.I was at my home because I came back frm my official tour my Friend called and asked me whether I was free & I said I’m free he asked me to come to his home I went he said he wants to translate the Malayalam Sentence in tamil and he is busy with the project so he asked me to compleate it for him and he said he is going out for the design approval and he asked his mother to give me a coffee and he left she came with the coffee and sat near me and asked me what I was doing after some time she asked me “you need something, Because I’m gona take bath” I said thanks & you can carry on with your work and she left to take her bath
After few minutes uma Aunty called me “matta can you please help me with this lamp it is not working” I went she opened the bathroom door she was off her saree & Blowse but she was covered her melons with a towel I put a chair and I was correcting the connection and the stool was shaking so she said she’ll grab the stool from shaking she took the hand from the towel and she grabbed stool when I looked down I could see her Huge melons & my tool got erect and I connected the wire and the bulb glows ok I took the stool and kept it out and went back to Comp table for the trans work but again she called me from bathroom and said “enna da connection kudothay” it is not working I went to the bath room & she opened the door she was all wet  wearing only a pavada(petticoat) this time & It was not tied she was grabbing it with her hand I put the stool and I was connecting the wire and I looked down she was looking at me grabbing her pavada(petticoat) I knowingly shaked the stool as if I’m gona fall she left her pavada and grabbed the stool when I looked down I could see her full back with bottock & I connected the line & got down from the stool and aunty stood up I could see her full front side nude & her Melons & her hairy Pussy, I couldn’t control my self and I touched her boobs.
She looked at me with a surprise but she didnt reacted & stood silent I grabbed her both boobs and started playing wit it watching her face for any reaction then she opened her mouth and said “yaaravathu vanthaal avalavu than pothum poo da”(if some one comes tat’s it we are gone case” then I got courage tat she likes it and without listening to her I started sucking her boobs and I slowly slided my hands between her huge thigh I started rubbing her cunt, now after rubbing her cunt she started to moan in wild sound I dragged her from bathroom to bedroom she said please don’t I asked her to lay on bed I started to finger her pussy she asked me to take my finger out as it is paining I took my finger out and I kissed her pussy and started licking it she became wild and pushed my face tight on her pussy and she cumed huge on my mouth & face I took my face from her cunt and started to suck her melons and squeeze her boobs wild and she said tat she wants to see mine I removed my cargos & panty and went close to her and kept my hard erected Hot rod in her hands she said ho its small in length but fat like 2 cock and she said she wants to taste it I said its all yours she sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner and she was watching my reactions & moans while sucking I looked at her and said I want to fuck you uma aunty she said for past 5 years I dint had sex and I don’t want to get pain and your tool is to fat if its pains then I wont allow I said ok and I spread her and I started rubbing her pussy with my hot rod and I thrusted my cock in her pussy and aunty screamed in pain I said its ok its gone in & I waited for a while and started to stroke her slowly she grabbed me tight and started to moan and kiss me and she cummed again
I could see my brown cock becoming white with her cum, she said it is getting late make it fast before someone comes I started to stroke her fast & she was moaning ha ha ah ah…. & grabbed me tightly and whispered to me tat shoot your sperm inside me please don’t take it out let me enjoy it in full, so I wanted to giver her something new & full I took my tool out and I dragged her to the edge of the bed and I kneel down on floor and put my cock inside her pussy again which gave me added minutes to ejaculate I started to fuck her wild as if there is no tomorrow I can see her moan & she again cummed and I couldn’t control myself as I have never been seen a big fat women ejaculte I cummed inside her pussy with my full force and I screamed with pleasure in the same time uma aunty too screamed and she starts to pee I washed my cock with her pee and I RIP on her boobs she asked me to get up as I had make her pee on bed and floor so she wants to clean it before someone comes & kissed my forehead and said fist time she is experiencing this much pleasure in her entire life.