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I love Boob Sucking

Hi,readers I am dilip a lover of breasts I had sex with many matured aunts and also drank their milk(only who lactate)this was the first incident in my life in sex as well as that of drinking the breast milk after becoming elder.
Ok I will not waste your time and come to the point in my college life I was weak in economics I was having a family friend vijji who is a gold medalist in economics and was H. O. D. in economics dept in a college. Her husband was living in delhi while she in hydererabad he visits home every month for seeing and also having sex with her.
My parents sent me there she was about 28 years of age with very good shapes she was having a baby newly I was going to tuition 2 see her boobs only ok one day when I went to her home she was placing her child in the cradle and her lower hooks were unhooked I can see the lower part of her breasts which were whitish she told me to sit down and read an answer iwas reading the answer and suddenly I had an erotic idea to see her naked so I slowly went back side and was having a clear view of her total naked body she was finger fucking her self after some time I went back 2 my place as she may kick me up so I was acting like studying after she entered her room I saw her dressing up from the window she caught me up I pleased her a lot she said that on one condition I will not say it 2 any one I agreed for that she said me I wanna suck ur cock I was surprised but I cant do any thing than listening 2 her so I removed my pant meanwhile she closed all doors and windows and called 2 my mom and told that I will be with her on that day and she will send me the next day my parents agreed for that and she cutted the phone she sucked my cock and kept it in her love hole she was banging me up and after I cummed into her hole she told me 2 go into the bath room I went inside and cleaned my rod that night I asked her that I want 2 drink her breast milk she said no but I jumped on her and opened her blouse hooks took out her massive breast of 38d outside and placed my mouth on it she tried to stop me at first and later she was also enjoying it her reddish brown nipples became stiff and I drank all her milk and she herself shifted my head 2 other breast and I started drinking her milk once again after I emptied both of her milk tanks I told her 2 suck my cock and she took my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it she was good in giving a blow job I fucked her daily and she used 2 give me her milk and also teach me in our breaks we continued our relationships when her husband was on duty but my habit of drinking her milk was not stopped until her breasts stopped production of milk she was treating me as her 2nd husband.
When ever I go 2 her home she respects me a lot I also fucked her sister and many others I will be waiting for ur reply byeee.


  1. do not stop with breast sucking . If you lick her cunt she will love you with her full faithful heart and will never leave you. Elderly women love some one sucking their cunt . She will be more healthy and will have a good shape in her thighs as she will be making muscular movements of her thighs as you make her cum .enjoy and also make her enjoy


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